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We are a State of California, Department of Food and Agriculture Certified Producer of Bee Products:

Buy from us with confidence that our unprocessed products come from a clean facility, with no additives!  Our bees are not fed syrup during honey flow season.  Our pollen is collected daily, is freeze dried to preserve freshness, and is vacuum sealed to prevent spoilage!  Our bees collect pollen from flowers grown in the mountains where there are no farms, orchards, or any pesticides sprayed within a minimum of a 10 mile radius.  Although it is not certified organic, we take careful care to make sure our pollen is pesticide, insecticide and chemical free.

If you live near Fresno, we sell at local farmer's markets:
Fridays 8 am to 4 pm at Manchester Mall Farmer's Market in Fresno at the North East corner of Shields and Blackstone.
Come get a free sample of our honey or pollen at our booth.  See you there!

If you want to rent a hive for your backyard:
We now offer monthly hive rentals for backyard gardeners in the Fresno area.  If your trees or plants are producing less fruit than they did a few years ago, they may be suffering from a lack of pollination by honey bees.  Due to  the population of honeybees on decline in the past few years, odds of your plants and flowers being pollinated have reduced.  Use the Contact Us tab to request a quote for hive rental or call (559) 765-8000, prices starting at $150 per month.  We will deliver and pick-up the bees and you never have to be in contact with them if you don't want to.  A delivery surcharge may apply depending on your location and distance from our apiaries.  A discount may be offered for multiple hive rentals.